Lumen Christi Simple Gradual

Shipping in Early 2014!

Pew Edition: Hardcover, 6 x 9, 224 pages
Choir Edition: Hardcover, 6 x 9, 384 pages

Currently in preparation – Pre-orders coming soon!

Simple English chant antiphons for the Entrance, Offertory and Communion processions specially arranged for congregational singing, sung Order of Mass, and 18 Mass Settings in English and Latin. Choir Edition contains pointed psalm verses for all antiphons.

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Product Description

The Lumen Christi Simple Gradual is the perfect starting point for parishes to begin singing the Mass. Available in both Pew and Choir editions, it will quickly become a lasting addition to your parish’s repertoire and will help you sing the Mass, not just sing at Mass.

It is an abridged version of the Lumen Christi Missalcontaining only the “Simple Gradual” section, Order of Mass and Ordinary sections found in the Missal. It is a perfect companion to the Lumen Christi Hymnal – though it may be easily paired with any hymnal – providing a comprehensive, yet entry-level repertoire of liturgical chant for parishes to sing during the Entrance, Offertory and Communion processions.

The chant settings are simple enough to be sung by anyone, but are challenging enough to sustain musical interest and enthusiastic singing over time.

The Lumen Christi Simple Gradual is the ideal way for parishes to begin fostering sung liturgy with antiphons from the Proper of the Mass, and to further the work of patient, pastoral, liturgical renewal.

Sample Contents Coming Soon!